Your Garbage Disposal...Let's talk

We all love that little noisemaker in our sinks, but they can be a nightmare when not used properly. We've all heard about the potato peel-egg shell no-no's, but what can we put down that disposal? Here's a list of the ""YES" things that can go in your garbage disposal.

COLD WATER ~ It's wise to run cold water before and after you put something in the disposal.

LIQUIDS AND SOFT FOODS ~ Here’s a good rule of thumb: if a baby can eat it, it's a YES!

CHOPPED FOODS ~ Just make sure to cut them up a bit before tossing them in.

ICE CUBES ~ Throw these babies in and to make them more effective, put lemon juice or vinegar in the water before making ice cubes. Awwwww, smells good and it helps in disinfecting those stinky food eaters.

Well, there you have it. Keep the hard, fibrous and grainy foods out of the disposal and only dispose of the item in our list above.

Happy Disposing!

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